Interactive and fun, Kate’s workshops focus on useful ways to dig deeper into leadership, career and goal setting.


Navigating Change with Creativity

Learn how to successfully navigate through professional change.  As organizations grow and change the transition can be troubling for you, your team, co-workers, and your manager.  Change and transition are not the same thing, there are simple strategies everyone can use to navigate transitions. And hey, change is going to happen, let’s be ready for it, let’s make it a fun and creative time. Join this discussion to learn strategies, gather tools and share resources.  Let’s connect with others and create a successful transition environment.

New Moon Goal Setting

Working with the moon cycles, Kate hosts a new moon goal setting group. With guided meditations and writing prompts to help guide you. No pre-work needed, come as you are and begin to identify, describe and create your best future.

The Importance of Career Conversations

Understanding the goals, aspirations and career direction of each of your team members can guide you to building successful teams.  Learn concrete strategies for having the career pathing conversations.  Discover fun ways to motivate your team to set goals and design their future.   Discuss strategies to overcome common roadblocks that prevent leaders from starting the conversation.  And of course, understand how these strategies also apply to your own life and working with your leader.

Tarot Reading

Contact me for a fun and refreshing way to connect to your own inner wisdom.

Workshop Schedule
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The Importance of Career Conversations – April 23, 2020 Private Virtual Event

Navigating Change with Creativity – June 12, 2020 Developer First Virtually from Minneapolis MN Navigating Change

Better Goal Planning: Where Next Journal – available online via GumRoad

The Importance of Career Conversations – April 14, 2021 Women’s Employee Resource Group

New Moon Goal Setting – Monthly 2021
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