Meet Kate

I’m Kate – Here to help you strengthen your leadership voice and connect more deeply with your goals.

Kate is a life coach, business partner, mom, wife and very slow runner. Kate coaches part-time and works full-time, she has a lot of experience living joyfully in chaos. Kate has spent years studying child development, psychology, relationship dynamics and professional development. For fun and relaxation Kate enjoys tarot, kayaking, knitting, meditation and studying crystals.

I am available for Workshops, Individual and Group Goal Setting Packages. Contact me today to learn more.

Coaching sessions are held via phone call. Workshops and group coaching packages can be online or in person.

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Certified Coach, Coach Training Alliance
MA Family Therapy, Adler Institute
BS Child Development, Univ of MN

Feature Photo by Jen Theodore on Unsplash
Bio Photo by Rob Stenzinger