Daily Journal Prompt

Keep an eye on your goals: re-emerging 

2020 has been quite a year, global pandemic, sheltering in place, civil unrest, change, change, and hope, beautiful hope. We will get through this, affected, smarter and contributing to change for a better world. Here are some prompts to add to your daily journal routine: 

  • When the time comes, how do I want to exit this pandemic?
  • When I look back at this time, what do I want my defining word or phrase to be?  
  • What causes do I believe in and how can I add my voice, my special gifts to that work?
  • What do I personally need to learn more about?  What is one thing I can do today to further my learning?
  • How can I best care for ME during this time (and me only)?

Art and Science Punks Episode 78 Getting Unstuck

In Episode 78 Getting Unstuck, Kate and Rob discuss being stuck creatively and how they each try to find a way forward with stuck projects. Also: Rob likes RSS feeds and readers. Also also: be on the look out for spending too much time on getting unstuck!

Art and Science Punks is where Kate and Rob reflect on their latest art, science and tech projects, gadgets, and experiments. Rob and Kate are lifelong learners with kids exploring and sharing creativity, sometimes with great success and sometimes with great failure, but always with laughter (and occasionally tears). Co-hosted by Kate Shields Stenzinger and Rob Stenzinger.